Broiler Shed

Broiler house design has progressed greatly from the timber posted houses that were common in the 1960’s. It was Morspan Construction Ltd who brought the affordable steel clearspan designs to the market and we are continually working with processors and farmers to maintain our enviable position as the market leader in broiler house design.
Our most popular houses hold approximately 50,000 birds but we can look at designs to accommodate your requirements. Working with all the main ventilation and heating contractors, we can alter design to cater for side inlet, tunnel inlet, M T T or naturally ventilated. Our broiler houses are designed around the internal equipment to give the optimal bird performance and welfare whilst being easy to clean and maintain.
As the fuel and heat delivery systems change with the renewable energy structure, we design houses to heated by a variety of systems ie underfloor, hanging internal indirect heaters, side wall heaters or suspended air handling units.
Our houses come as standard with clear or frosted double glazed uPVC windows at 3% or 4.5% of the floor area. An insulated baffle operated by a rack and pinion system is used on our windowed houses.
Morspan also design, supply and build amenity blocks, wheat/feed blending sheds as well as pump and mains buildings that are required on multi-house sites. We would be delighted to quote for these on existing sites.

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During these extremely difficult times we all face at the moment, we would like to thank all our staff for their efforts in maintaining  the level of service that Morspan customers expect from us.

We have all had to adjust to work to the Government guidelines whether that be from home or implementing new procedures in both production facilities and on site. We are committed to ensuring our employees safety at all times as well as our customers.

The team at Morspan will monitor the government advice daily and we will strive to ensure we fulfill any promises we have made and continue to help customers, old and new, meet their deadlines.