Free Range Chicken Sheds

Morspan Construction Ltd have been at the forefront of free range and organic house designs for the ever-changing egg sector. As the demand moves away from colony egg to more extensive systems, our designers work closely with all the main equipment suppliers to ensure we meet the clients need whilst keeping the birds welfare as a priority. Our close relationship with these suppliers and civils contractors, ensure the project runs smoothly to deliver on time and on budget every time.
Morspan will work with the equipment supplier to install their chimneys and inlets as well as finishing off where their egg or muck elevators enter/leave the building.
In the free-range sector, we design and build units from 6,000 up to 80,000 birds with 32,000 and 64,000 being the most common. We strive to ensure each building is bespoke to the customers’ requirements and give the same level of finish and service irrespective of scale.
Packing room layout is key and we will bring our extensive knowledge of previous free-range houses to ensure this area is a favourable working environment whilst meeting the necessary biosecurity measures. We can supply galvanised water tank stands for above ground water tanks if needed. These packing areas can be part of the main house or a stand-alone satellite building, which are often elevated to allow loading docks to be utilised.

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During these extremely difficult times we all face at the moment, we would like to thank all our staff for their efforts in maintaining  the level of service that Morspan customers expect from us.

We have all had to adjust to work to the Government guidelines whether that be from home or implementing new procedures in both production facilities and on site. We are committed to ensuring our employees safety at all times as well as our customers.

The team at Morspan will monitor the government advice daily and we will strive to ensure we fulfill any promises we have made and continue to help customers, old and new, meet their deadlines.